Do you have to be present for delivery?

You do not need to be present when we deliver your order. We lock them together and place the lock combination inside one of the handlebar pouches.
Are the bikes allowed to be ridden on the beach?

Yes the bikes are built for the sand and you are welcome to ride to on the beach, but do not ride them in the saltwater.
Are locks, baskets and pouches provided for the handlebars?

We provide a lock for every 2 bikes. Bikes can have either a basket or pouch on the handlebars. It is random unless otherwise requested. You may also request additional locks if your party intends to separate. Upon delivery they place the lock combination inside one of the pouches.
What to do if we experience an issue while on island?

We pride ourselves in the condition we maintain our bikes to; however, if you do experience any kind of mechanical issue while on island just give us a call and one of our trucks will come over and swap the item for you. We have trucks on the the islands everyday of the week. Kiawah and Seabrook limit commercial traffic at certain hours of the day.

Here is an after office hours text number as well. 843-768-9585
What to do when checking out?

Please lock the order together in a similar fashion that you found them upon check in and we will pick them up. Keep your paperwork as a receipt.
What time is drop off/pickup?

Unless otherwise specified we will drop off the bikes by 2pm(5pm Saturdays) at the latest on the day of your arrival. We are happy to accommodate early check ins (when possible) to have your bikes waiting; just be sure to provide those times when you place your order.

Your checkout date is not a charged rental day so the pickup time will anytime after 8am on the day of your departure. We are happy to accommodate later check outs;(when possible) just be sure to request those times when you order.