Renting Bikes on Seabrook Island

With a fleet of over 1000 bikes, we offer an all inclusive rental package that provides a map, helmet, chain lock and even a basket at no extra charge. We can fit you with the perfect bike because we carry all sizes and types of bikes. So whether you want to conquer the park on a mountain bike or enjoy a leisurely ride on a comfort or tandem bike, you can find it all here!

Seabrook Island Bike Rental Guide

Bordered only by rolling dunes and sea oats, stretches of maritime forest, and luxury Lowcountry homes, the beaches on Seabrook Island are idyllic for a beach bike ride or a whole-day adventure. Begin your day with a sunrise and dolphin strand feeding experience at Captain Sams Inlet, search for nesting sea turtles along the shoreline, and cruise through warm ocean breezes all the way to Privateer Point near Camp St. Christopher.

For a romantic sunset bike ride, Pelican Beach (aka Sunset Beach) is the place to be. Biking on the beaches is always best after a high tide and, wherever you stay on Seabrook, you’re either oceanfront or only a short bike ride to beach access.

If you’re not staying oceanfront, there are 8 public boardwalks on Seabrook Island to access the beach for a bike ride – please do not ride bikes on the boardwalks!

Boardwalk 1 & 2 – Oyster Catcher Court
Boardwalk 3 – Beachcomber Run
Boardwalk 4 – Pompano Court
Boardwalk 5 – Bonita Court
Boardwalk 6 – Amberjack Court
Boardwalk 7 – At the Beach Club Pools
Boardwalk 8 – Dolphin Point (seating only, no beach access)
Boardwalk 9 – Between Pelican Watch & Beach Club Villas

Seabrook Island Road loops for 7 miles around the island connecting the top Seabrook Island resort amenities including the oceanfront pools and restaurants at the Beach Club, the Island Club and golf courses, fitness and leisure facilities at the Lake House, tennis and pickleball at the Racquet Club, and horse riding at the Equestrian Center. Seabrook Island is one of the few places on the east coast where you can ride bikes and horses on the beach!

Seabrook Island Beach Club Pools
Seabrook Island Club
Seabrook Island Golf Courses
Seabrook Island Lake House
Seabrook Island Racquet Club
Seabrook Island Equestrian Center
When you vacation with Seabrook Exclusives, most of our luxury Seabrook Island rentals include amenity cards for guests to access all Seabrook Island Club amenities! If not included, amenity cards may be purchased for an additional fee. Learn more about Seabrook Island Amenity Cards HERE!

Location: Camp St. Christopher to Seabrook Island Lake House

Distance: Approx. 2.5-miles one way

Just north of Pelican Watch Villas reroute off Seabrook Island Road onto St. Christopher Lane and Hidden Oaks Drive. This scenic bike route winds through the fairways of the Crooked Oaks Golf Course and the tranquil St. Christopher Oaks and Hidden Oaks neighborhoods, then loops back to Seabrook Island Road.

Location: High Hammock Road to Oyster Catcher Community Center

Distance: Approx. 1.6-miles one way

Meander through the Ocean Winds Golf Course and Seabrook’s lush mid-island neighborhoods on a bike ride on High Hammock Road. This bike route begins near Pelican Watch Villas and winds through canopies of live oaks reconnecting with Seabrook Island Road near the Oyster Catcher Community Center in North Beach.

Location: Seabrook Island Lake House to Crab Dock

Distance: Approx. 1.5-miles

From the Lake House and Equestrian Center on Seabrook Island Road ride the quiet side streets around Golf Oak Park onto Captain Sams Road and down to the crabbing dock and boat ramp near Creekwatch Villas on the Kiawah River. Get a glimpse of some of Seabrook’s most exclusive luxury homes nestled amidst moss-draped live oaks, and enjoy a classic Lowcountry day crabbing, kayaking, and fishing on the Kiawah River.

Bohicket Marina: 0.5-miles from Seabrook Island Main Gate

Freshfields Village: 1-mile from Seabrook Island Main Gate

The Seabrook Island Road bike path continues on past the main gate to Bohicket Marina and Freshfields Village. Book your boat charters for a day on the waterways from Bohicket Marina or bike on to Freshfields Village. Freshfields Village has it all – upscale open-air shopping, amazing bars and eateries, and year-round family-friendly events and festivals on the Village Green.

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Rent you bikes before you arrive.

Seabrook Island Bike Rental Guide

Seabrook Island, located along the enchanting coast of South Carolina, is a pristine paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its extensive network of bike paths and the serene beauty of the island, cycling is an excellent way to explore and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Seabrook. Here's your comprehensive Seabrook Island Bike Rental Guide for a memorable two-wheeled adventure on this coastal gem.

Choosing the Right Bike:

Before you start your biking adventure on Seabrook Island, it's crucial to select the right bike that suits your needs. The type of bike you choose will depend on your preferences and the terrain you plan to explore.

  • Beach Cruisers: Ideal for a leisurely ride along the beach and paved paths, beach cruisers are comfortable and perfect for relaxed exploration.
  • Mountain Bikes: If you want to tackle off-road trails or the island's unpaved paths, consider renting a mountain bike. They provide stability and control on uneven terrain.
  • Electric Bikes: Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are a great choice for those who want to cover more ground with less effort. They are perfect for longer rides and exploring the island with ease.

Island Bike Trails:

  • Beachfront Bliss: Begin your journey with a ride along the pristine shores of Seabrook Island. The hard-packed sands of the beach make for an unforgettable coastal biking experience. Time your ride during low tide for the best conditions.
  • Paved Paths: Seabrook Island offers an extensive network of well-maintained paved paths that crisscross the island. These paths are perfect for family rides and provide a safe and scenic way to explore the island. The paths take you through maritime forests, marshland, and charming neighborhoods.
  • Nature Trails: For a more immersive experience, explore Seabrook's nature trails. The maritime forest and tidal creeks provide a peaceful backdrop as you pedal through the island's unique ecosystems.

Wildlife Watching:

Seabrook Island is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. While biking, keep an eye out for the island's abundant wildlife, including deer, alligators, wading birds, and playful dolphins in the tidal creeks. The island's diverse ecosystems provide numerous opportunities for wildlife encounters.

Safety Tips:

  • Always wear a helmet for safety, especially when cycling on roads with vehicular traffic.
  • Follow the rules of the road and adhere to island traffic regulations.
  • Use proper hand signals to indicate your turns and intentions.
  • Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and carry a map of the island to assist with navigation.

Bike Rentals:

For those in need of a bicycle, there are bike rental options available on Seabrook Island. Businesses like Seabrook Island Bike Rentals offer a variety of bikes for different preferences and group sizes, as well as safety equipment to ensure your journey is safe and enjoyable.

Maintenance and Repairs:

In case you encounter any bike-related issues during your adventure, Seabrook Island Bike Rentals can provide repair services to keep your ride running smoothly.


Cycling on Seabrook Island offers more than just transportation; it's a way to connect with the island's untouched nature, diverse wildlife, and the soothing rhythms of coastal life. Whether you're pedaling along the beach, exploring paved paths, or venturing into the island's lush forests, every moment spent on a bike is a chance to savor the unspoiled beauty of Seabrook. So, gear up, hop on a bike, and let the island's magic unfold before you as you embark on your Seabrook Island biking adventure.